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Cardboard Gold

Soft Card Sleeves for Standard Size Trading Cards

Soft Card Sleeves for Standard Size Trading Cards

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Protect your valuable trading cards with Soft Card Sleeves from Cardboard Gold (CBG). These penny sleeves are designed for standard-size trading cards and are a terrific choice for keeping your cards in gem mint condition. Whether you're a collector of baseball cards or any other type of trading cards, these soft sleeves will ensure your cards remain safe from dust, dirt, and damage. CBG Soft Card Sleeves are sealed in 100ct packages and are archival-safe.

Compatible with top loaders, card savers, and other card protectors

    Manufacturer: Cardboard Gold
    Material: PVC-Free Polypropylene
    Package Count: 100
    Dimensions: 2 5/8" W x 3 5/8" H

    *Please note: Armortek Lifetime Warranty does not apply to this product &
    memorabilia, if shown, is not included. 

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